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Whatever tomorrow brings, be sure you, your family and your finances are protected against the unexpected. When it comes to Personal Insurance, our advisers work with you to tailor a package and policy that best suits your situation. Personal insurance is your backup plan should the worst happen. Personal insurance includes life insurance; total and permanent disablement insurance; and income protection and trauma insurance. These types of cover can help you and your family to create a secure financial future. Life insurance Our life insurance ensures you and your loved ones are free from financial insecurity should the worst happen. The cover provides a one-off, cash, lump-sum payment if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This money can be used to help you and your loved ones manage your financial situation as you see fit, or to simply provide an income for your family. It can be used to help clear your debts, enable your family to meet their ongoing living expenses and maintain their lifestyle, and cover other expenses such as childcare, housekeeping and children’s schooling.

Total and permanent disability insurance

Our life insurance also covers you in the event of total and permanent disability, where you are unable to work again. After such an event you’ll need to change your lifestyle, so we offer a cash, lump-sum payment to help out. This can be used to modify your home (for ramps etc.) and for rehabilitation, long-term care, other medical expenses, mortgage repayments and other debts. It can also cover expenses such as childcare, housekeeping and children’s schooling.

Critical illness and trauma insurance

Critical illness insurance (also known as trauma insurance) pays you a cash lump sum which covers you should you contract or suffer from a specified critical condition such as cancer, a heart attack or a stroke. This money ensures you will have funds to ease the financial pressures of not working and cover the costs of specialist treatment including international medical attention, costs associated with home modifications and financial obligations incurred while recovering. It can also cover other expenses such as childcare, housekeeping and children’s schooling. You can also use it to clear your debts.

Income protection insurance

Your ability to earn an income is one of your most important assets. Income protection insurance is designed to provide you with an ongoing income in the case of illness or injury. It can pay up to 75% of your regular income. The amount of income protection you can claim varies widely across the marketplace. Income protection insurance can help you to pay your everyday living expenses (like rent or mortgage payments) and other expenses (like car costs and electricity and gas bills). It can help you to pay for or save for your children’s education.

Premiums may be tax deductible.

Our experienced financial advisers can help you choose the right insurance type, term and the amount of cover you need. We’re happy to tailor an insurance portfolio to your needs.


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Personal Insurance

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Looking for a secure way to invest and plan ahead?

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